About Spencer

How can you sum up a person, a life in just a few words?

Do you focus on the physical characteristics? I'm a redhead. 5'1. Bad knees. Glasses due to severe astigmatisms (though I wear my contacts when I can get away with it.) Freckles. SO MANY FRECKLES. But no, I haven't tried to count all of them.

Do you label the personality? Stubborn. Determined. Witty. Proud and a bit arrogant. Delights in simple pleasures. Curious. Loves to smiles, but loves to laugh even more.

Do you detail the achievements? Dean's list. Certified Trainer at the restaurant I work at. Keynote speaker in Washington DC for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. Proud human of an adorable little pug Rosie.

Do you describe the aspirations? I want to be on national news like Diane Sawyer was. I want to finish one of the many stories I've started and become a published writer. I want to fall head over heels in love. I want to travel the world and learn from everyone and see everything I can see. Ohh... do I want to see the world.

Do you mention the dislikes? Commercials on tv that are way louder than the normal show volume. Pecans. Baked fruit. Raisins. When someone cries and you don't know how to comfort them. When there's fruit in your yogurt. When the movie is nothing like the book.

The favorites? Green. The Big Bang Theory. Firefly. The Hobbit. Salted caramel. Curling up in a blanket with my dog, hot chocolate extra whip cream, and a good book. A necklace given to me by my father. People watching at the airport. Fuzzy slippers. Hot showers. Soccer and ballroom dancing.

The quirks? Tell me I can't or I shouldn't and I have an almost irresistible urge to do that thing. I don't like calling people. I hate being late. And by late I mean anything past being five minutes early. I won't eat lettuce voluntarily. I sing everywhere except the shower. I kill plants with love.

How do you answer "Who are you?" in any other way than just I'm...


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