Friday, February 22, 2013

Airport Sondering

I like to sonder in the airport. What is sondering you ask? Good question.

sonder on the beach definition
This picture was taken by yours truly in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan specifically.
Sonder. Knowing that everyone one else has an equally intricate and emotional story as yours. Crushing despair, heart pounding elation, the spreading warmth of love. They've watched sunrises and sunsets, cried until numb and laughed until it hurt, had hopes and dreams and goals and desires. Every intense emotion and event you've ever experienced, has been mirrored by millions around the world. That... is sondering.

I intentionally get to the airport early so I can people watch. I like to grab a coffee, find the least uncomfortable chair near my gate and just... watch.I try to imagine where they're going, why, who they're going to meet.

There's the dance team on their way to a national competition. Jittery and laughing in their team shirts. The businessman in his suit and tie, checking his email and tapping his foot. Impatient to get on with things. The new parents, fussing over the baby in her carrier. Tucking and retucking blankets, double checking tickets, and updating relatives as to their arrival time. The adventurer with his worn out backpack and slightly faded tshirt. Chatting in some other language to someone he just happened to sit down by.

It's just crazy to think of the number of people, the number of stories that pass through your own without so much as a second thought. If the walls had eyes and ears and mouths, what sorts of stories would they tell about what they've seen? In an airport, I just can't imagine.

Sondering. Next time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, just stop. Watch the people around you. Wonder at their hurry. Celebrate that you are not alone. Remind someone that we're all in this together, at least for a little while.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh You, Sweetiepoo Honey Dumplin' Stud Muffinbear

Valentine's day. The most ooey gooey mushy romance filled day on the calendar. For those of us without a significant other (AKA ME.), it's SAD.

No, not depressing sad. Ok, well maybe a tad. But what I meant was SAD. Single Awareness Day. What other day is it made so blatantly obvious that the only one waiting for us is our snuggly pooches who place no more significance upon this day than any other. While I love getting cuddles and dog kisses, it's not the same as a dozen red roses. And I don't even like roses.

That being said, I'm not gonna be one of those mopey, depressed wallowing in self pity sorta people. I mean, who has the time? Besides, how attractive can you be when there's mascara running down your face, a tub of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other? Instead remember this...

You do not need someone else by your side to make you important. You determine your own self worth.

You do not need someone else to validate your decisions. Believe in what you do and you'll be happier with the choices you make.

You do not need someone else to remind you that there is beauty in everything if you know where to look. You just need to keep your eyes open and let yourself be surprised.

Sharing your life with someone can be beautiful. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents who have shown me just that. 26 years and only getting better, like one of my dad's fine merlots. (Yuck, wine.) But until you find that person, it's ok to take advantage of the buy one get one deals to get two for yourself, and all the cheap candy tomorrow, and to spend a little extra time in bed this morning because Prince Charming can wait a little longer.

-Your Oogie Woogie Pookiebelle Lovebug, Spencer

Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Fit! Get Active! Get... Out of Bed, You Lump

So I'm taking a health and wellness class this semester. And part of the course is to set a Lifestyle Goal to improve my health over the course of the semester.

My Official Goal: Eat healthier. More nutritious food in smaller quantities more often.
My Secondary Goal: Get rid of the muffin top. Ick.

When I started college September 2011, I was 110 pounds. And lean from playing soccer and dancing and carrying 50 pound boxes of popcorn seeds for the concession stand. Now... February 2013, I'm 122 pounds and while I've gained some more muscle working at a restaurant where I'm carrying 50 pounds of custard and sugar and pulling apart machines, I got some padding round my... well, everywhere.

My mom has run two marathons, a half marathon, and has more coming up. She loves running and getting "in the zone". I think she has brain damage. I loathe running. I have permanent patellar tendonitis which crushes the tendons under my knee caps. Consistent running tends to aggravate the situation and I wake up in the middle of the night in mind numbing pain. So I don't run on a regular basis. Or at all if possible. But I did sign up to do the COLOR RUN in MINNEAPOLIS! YEAH! I'm pumped. Look at these people.

They're clearly having way more fun than me, sitting here, writing to you, instead of doing my Literature homework. AND they're running. I know, counter intuitive. Fun and running. But I have five months to get in shape. And here's how I'm gonna do it.

My class schedule this semester leaves me with a good chunk of free time every morning. So I think between this and the one right below in the mornings (Or after work on the weekend) It'll be a good start to my day and towards my Secondary Lifestyle Goal.

So that's my new workout plan. But what about the eating healthy, small portions, through out the day? Well that's a different day 'cause I seriously have to do this reading before I go back to class in an hour. But hopefully you're willing to try to make a little change for the better in your life whether it's reducing stress, not drinking four cans of soda a day, or just taking that yoga class you've always wanted to.